Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Is Here!!

 I've been very busy getting fresh air and getting the house and yard ready for the spring! The weather has been so beautiful. It won't be long until the bugs start waking up. I can see flowers are starting to come up in my yard! I can't wait to see what they are. I hope that some are daffodils and some daisies are mixed in. I love daisies, they are such a happy flower.
 This is the first spring here, so it is all a new adventure for me and the dogs. The dogs are having a grand time taking me on walks. They are finding new smells and can't seem to get enough of them. They continue to look up at me, so, I think they don't understand that I don't want to get down with my nose on the ground sniffing all over.
Because of the winter, we really haven't ventured to far out of the yard area, but, the house sits on two acres and there are paths to follow and many more acres to discover.
There must be a target range somewhere nearby. Every week end lately, we can hear the gun shots and it freaks my poor Lily out. She is over 80 pounds and decides she must be hidden on my lap. I feel so badly for her. I guess she won't be a dog to take to the fourth of July fireworks.
Spring always reminds me of my mom. God how I miss her! We used to plant flowers in my parents yard together until she couldn't get down on the ground anymore.  When that happened, she would sit on the stoop and watch and talk to me as I planted for her. Every year we always said the same thing to each other. "There is something so healing about digging in the dirt. All your problems and worries just seep right out of you, and calmness comes in" She loved the spring when she could finally open all the windows and "let the bad air out"
This is our fifth spring without her. It hasn't gotten any easier, I don't miss her, my dad or my husband any less. So many times, I want to call her and then realize, my phone company doesn't have any towers in Heaven. So, I just talk out loud to her as I am digging in the dirt and say you know Mom, there is something so healing about digging in the dirt...my voice cracks, the breeze carries my words away and as I wipe my tears, I pray that the breeze carries my words to my mom!

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  1. I'm sure Mom can hear you. Dad too because they're both together in Heaven. they're keeping their eyes and ears on us all.