do it yourself shoe inserts

I bought a few different colors of foam sheets from a craft store. These are usually in the kid craft section. I had fabric already and a marker to trace with. Later I would use spray glue and a sewing machine.1. Trace the template of the insert twice and cut out.2. Lay out fabric, cover surrounding area with protective news paper, and spray the foam with glue. Be sure to have a left and right insert. Lay the inserts on the fabric and smooth out wrinkles.3. Cut off remaining fabric leaving about 1/4 in all around. Fold the fabric around the back of the insert and glue down. If you spray the fabric with the glue instead of the foam it saves a glue step here as the fabric is already sprayed. The only problem is that your scissors get sticky.4. Stitch the fabric all around. The original insert had a zig-zag stitch but I opted for a simple stitch as my sewing machine was having troubles.

And Done!

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