Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Spring Fever

Even though the world around my little spot in the woods has more snow than it did all winter, the spring fever has hit me.
 I have a front room that faces the south and has more windows than wall. That beautiful sun, shines all day long in there and I could bask away in it all day, but, the urge to clean is upon me. I want every thing to be fresh and new. So, here come the projects.
 My daughter and I moved here in October of 2011. We needed to start new and heal. Even though it's been four years since our "year of sadness" of which we suffered huge losses and extreme heart ache, it is time to push forward. Oh, don't get me wrong, it's still a difficult challenge, but, we will make it, and this is the place that will help us along.
 We are completely surrounded by woods, can't see a single neighbor.  Even though I am outgoing and a social butterfly when comfortable, I love the serenity of no neighbors. Well, the neighbors that we do get to see are the wild turkeys, and the deer on occasion. Oh and of course the squirrels, you know, the killer ones that my dogs think they have to protect me from.
 So first things first, let's pack up things we don't need, and store them in the basement or barn if it needs to be hauled off to the dump.
  On to the painting. My daughter has a great eye for color so, I always have her come with me to get the paint. By the way, the best paint I have ever used so far is the Behr premium that has the primer right in it. (although I would happily accept it, I have not been given any paint to sample from them, I just really like it.)
  My daughter has a jewel tone that is so gorgeous. It's a teal color with cream accents. Her bathroom was a dark green, she really brightened it up with one wall that is a  jewel tone dark reddish/pink. The jewel tones are bright colors and very pretty. The other walls are the very light cream with the jewel tone as the accents. The towels and rug are black. She is also going to tile her floor in there when she finds just the perfect pairing.
  As for me, I had such a hard time deciding what I wanted for color in my room. I have the bigger of the two rooms, which have french doors that open to the study. I wanted something soft, feminine, and fun.
 I want it to have the feel of a ladies tea room. I have never been to a ladies tea room, but, I have a vision in my head. So, off we went to our home depot to get started.
 I went in there thinking I wanted a blue color for my walls, but, just couldn't seem to find the "right" color. Just when I thought my search was over, my daughter would hand me another card sample and I would have to start from scratch.
I picked up one of the idea books and viola, there it was! Exactly what I wanted, elegantly Edwardian, with a sprinkling of whimsy.
 My bedroom will be, Queen's Tart with cream accents. For my bathroom which is in my bedroom and has no door, the walls will be violet water and the accents will be minty frosting. All nice spring colors.
Because my bathroom doesn't have a door, I hang a curtain for privacy. I had a country green color, but, I am now on the hunt for one that doesn't look funny against both the bedroom and bathroom colors and not cream or white...hmmm I guess it depends on the cream one, I will see.
We found the border we want for the dining area and kitchen. We even found a color that we like for both rooms, still debating the color for the study, but, we have started.
 Now, if only the snow would melt!

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