Thursday, February 7, 2013

ecoATM. Get $$ for Old cell phones!

Not only can you do your part in helping the environment, but, you can also get paid for doing so!
There is a fast growing company called ecoATM that is sweeping its way across this country.
What started in San Diego California is quickly spreading across the states and making huge strides into the north eastern states.

What is this wonderment you ask? To put it simply, it is an ATM kiosk that collects your unwanted cell phones and MP3 players.

The consumer not only has a place to drop off their unwanted cell phones and MP3 players instead of throwing them into a trash or becoming electronic hoarders, but, they can help save the environment and put a bit of jingle jingle in their pockets!

In turn the company can have these phones refurbished and recycled. With such a growing need for cell phones, this becomes a winning situation for everyone involved.

How does this little kiosk work???

The ecoATM is an automated, self-serve kiosk that evaluates and buys back electronics directly from consumers for cash whether they are working or not! The process only takes a few minutes to complete and is easy as 1, 2, 3, 4

1: Place your mobile device in the ecoATM test station. (Don't be afraid, it won't bite!)

2: The ecoATM will examine your device and search for the highest price it can find in the worldwide market.(isn't that just the cutest ATM ever!)

3: If you like the price and decide to sell it, you will receive cash on the spot! There's no waiting for a check in the mail!!

4: You walk away with a smile on your face and jingles in your pocket.

For more information on this great invention, please visit their site at
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*disclosure: I received no compensation for this article. The opinion above is strictly my own, although I do believe that you too will agree!!