Saturday, March 10, 2012

Special Moments caught on Video

I am so grateful for technology! I remember being a little girl in Florida and being asked in school what we thought it would be like in the year 2000.  Wow, 2000. Seemed like a number so far away to a little girl.  I dreamed it would be like the Jetson's cartoon. Cars that fly, robots that talked, a TV connected to your phone so that you could see someone that you were talking with. Oh, not a smart phone, who ever heard of such a thing? A phone that you could take out of your house that was actually a computer? Oh please!
Computers were huge and took up entire rooms! No way would the public ever be able to 1. afford one. 2. have space for one. or 3. ever need such a thing! Talking robots? Oh yeah, you know it! I wanted my own Rosie.
Now, we have smart phones. they are not just smart, they are brilliant! My daughter actually has one that talks back to her. She can even ask it knock knock jokes. Pretty amazing I must say!
So many special moments are now able to be captured by these wonderful devices and uploaded onto our computers and even sent out into the cyber world to share with people you have never even met.
This is a story of one of those moments. I ask that you watch the video that I attached after you read this. It is a moment in a very dear friend's life that was caught and uploaded to YouTube. I do not own any copy rights to this and hope that it is okay that I borrowed it.
 I have been Blessed with so many very wonderful people in my life! This girl is so sweet and sincere, everyone loves her from the time that you first meet her. She has a way about her that just makes you feel so special. She is a gift to all who know her. This gift's name is Amanda.
Oh, I know, she is sitting reading this right now, shaking her head and thinking no way! But yes, Amanda you are very special and I am going to share your moment with the other person that reads this blog.
First let me tell you a little about the back ground.
   Before life got difficult for us, I had my dream job. I was the accounting manager in our local walmart and was lucky enough to have very special people work for me in there. We were our own little family. We worked in two offices that are "hidden" and we dead bolt ourselves in there. Our little family consisted of Andrea, Jenifer, Margaret Ann, Mike, Katie, Linda, Nancy, Susan me and Amanda.  We truly love one another! We all became great friends! We worked so many years together and went through so much, babies, weddings, graduations, proposals, secrets discovered. There were very sad times too, we followed Susan through her breast cancer treatment and recovery, to it only coming back and this time in her bones. We lost Susan in January of 2007. That was the start of our year of sadness.
 But, this is story is not a sad one, this one is of a special moment in someones life. So,if I may, I want to give you a little bit of a back ground.
 Since we had no windows to the outside world in our offices, we still wanted a homey feel to it. So, we had plants and pictures. Pictures of our families that we posted on a wall. Amanda posted one of her "future husband" Enrique Inglesias. She loved that man before he was famous. We would joke around and she would talk of her "future husband". She would someday meet this man. We all knew how much she loved this man.
  Have you ever been such a fan of someone for so many years that if you ever really met them, you would just be blown away? I have often thought long and hard on this one. Mine would have been Princess Diana. I admired her so much. And of course, Donny Osmond! I have loved him since ... well, that's another story.
  My daughter and I were driving home from shopping when I got a text message from Andrea saying guess which former Accounting Associate got to see her dream man? She told me what to look up on YouTube.
 I looked it up and couldn't believe it! Enrique took his concert to Boston and Amanda was in the front row. When I saw her, my hand went to my heart and tears flooded my eyes. Oh Amanda got to see her "future husband" and we get to see her expression. We got to live her dream with her.
We pulled into the driveway and couldn't even take the time to get out of the car. Leah had to watch this too.
 We both cried watching Amanda's dream come true. So sit back and please enjoy this moment, this is our friend Amanda and her reaction to seeing Enrique. Please give the video a second, you will see her!

This is to dreams coming true. My darling Amanda, I am so happy to have been able to see this moment in time. Leah, who never was a fan of Enrique's, is now. He is a wonderful man who was lucky enough to meet Amanda!

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  1. this is so awesome. How I would have LOVED David Bowie to pull me up on stage when we went to see him. what a dream that would have been!!!