Saturday, March 10, 2012

Fast Food Friday

Well, it's friday again and that means, time to get out the scale and hope for the best. Why is it that we worry about stepping on that thing at the end of a week? We followed the program and counted everything that we ate, but still, there is a dread that overcomes me... by eating all three meals and snacking, it is sure to not make me happy when I step on it. I am always afraid that all  of a sudden the scale will come to life and yell HELP, as it sees me approaching. 
I don't want to get too nervous and have my palms get sweaty, how much could that weigh? I also know that I won't see a loss like last week, after all, it wouldn't be healthy for me to lose that quickly and you know every one tells you it's water me, weight is weight. A pound of feathers weighs the same as a pound of dirt. 
 Ok, hands dry, out comes the scale and ... minus 2.2 pounds! Yay.     \o/     That brings my total to 9.6. YES! Almost 10  pounds.  
Leah, went out, had drinks, but chose wisely and she is down another 2.6 bringing her grand total to 10.6!!!  We are doing well and finding new things and healthier ways to eat them.
 Thanks to my friend Danielle (hi Danielle! Hope that you had a great birthday) I have discovered  spaghetti squash. Such an interesting vegetable...if you've never tried it, it is actually pretty good. It is different from other squashes, this one, when cooked, does resemble spaghetti. It has a mild flavor that takes on the taste of what you put on it. It's a bit crunchy, in a good way, not all icky and mushy when you bite it. And guess what? Since we are following weight watchers, and it is a vegetable, you can eat as much of it as you want, just make certain to count the points of what else you put on it. I had pasta sauce and meatballs on mine, but, I am definitely going to experiment with this new found addiction!
 I wonder if I can incorporate chocolate into it somehow??? 
   I went to get a food scale today and run some errands, my stomach realized it was 2:30 and I hadn't eaten any lunch! Hmmm, on the road, surrounded by, Subway, McDonalds, Wendy's, Pizza Hut, Papa Ginos, Panera, and so many more places that I could go and grab a quick bite that would satisfy my hunger.  I wanted a big juicy cheeseburger with the works and fries and of course a DIET coke...I thought I was being good and even checked the app on my phone to see how many points I would be using.  It's only day one of the third week and I don't want to use my bonus points up on the first day, so, I made a very wise decision and turned the car around and went to the local farm store. I wanted a tuna steak. I could just taste it! (plus I needed to pick up a couple of the squashes) 
  I looked at the tuna and it looked really great, wow, 2.99 a pound! I can afford that, then I saw the swordfish steaks (which I don't care for, by the way)  they were 14.99 a pound! Good Lord!  So I looked at the price of the tuna again and it was 12.99!! 12.99!!  Sweet Lord almighty! That must be the best, melt in your mouth tuna there ever was! 
 Being unemployed I'm thinking, "um, yeah, I think I will leave that for the people that have a Champagne budget."  I opted for a fruit cup and a couple of the squashes. (Squashes? Is that a word? Or is it like Deer? You can see A deer or a whole field of Deer! or is it like fungus/fungi?) Anyway,  I decided that I did a good thing. I didn't fall for the fast food temptation. I didn't spend all my grocery money on a tuna steak, and I bought a fruit cup for lunch. Yes, I was feeling good, so, I bought myself some daffodils! 
  I figure, I probably won't ever receive flowers again, (unless of course there are some single men out there who just happen to read my blog and find me somewhat interesting maybe a bit entertaining, and they have the urge to send me some me a comment and I will give you my address. I'm not picky...I love Daisy's and Lilacs or even dandelions. )
 So, feeling a little bit proud of myself, me, my squashes/squashi and daffodils went home.


  1. Good Job Betsy!!! Keep up the good work and keep fighting those temptations :)

  2. Thank you Anony, for your support! It always helps to know someone else cares~!