Friday, November 30, 2012

Minus 22.8 Pounds and Counting

I made it through Thanksgiving without over eating too much and I skipped the dessert!! In fact, I actually lost again this week!!! I am down now a total of 22.8 pounds. Yup yup yup!!! It is still coming off and steadily! 

Okay, when you have a lot to lose, 22.8 pounds is just a drop in the bucket, but, if you don't think that is a lot of extra weight to carry around, go into the store and pick up a 20 pound bag of pet food and walk around with that for a day. It is difficult to do even for a half an hour.
I would never have made it without my Nutrisystem! They are there for me to answer questions and give support if I ever need them and the food, well, I just love it!!!
There is an amazing chocolate muffin for breakfast that  really satisfies my chocolate craving. It is luscious! I even heat it up in the microwave for a few seconds and oh my goodness. There is also a cinnamon roll that tastes anything but diet! Amazing!
There are so many different foods to choose from that it can be difficult to decide what to eat that day!
That would be the only tough thing about  Nutrisystem, deciding what to eat that day. I can not believe how easy this is and the weight is really coming off!
I love Nutrisystem and believe in them so much, that I actually want to lose all my unhealthy weight and work for them.

I remember what it was like to be thin. I know how differently some people treat you when you are round. Some people are down right mean. Which surely doesn't help the depression part that some overweight people have. 

I am even enjoying exercise! In fact, today, I went to my niece Tiffany (also on Nutrisystem) and we did her Wii fit today and I even did a couple of songs on the Michael Jackson experience. So much fun!! You can also follow her progress HERE

I have a long way to go, but, I am doing it! It can be done! Please, if you have weight to lose, I would love for you to try Nutrisystem and see just how easy it is to lose that unhealthy poundage without feeling deprived! 

The holidays are now upon us which usually means seeing friends and family, which can bring along  eating and drinking things that aren't always a good choice. I have to admit, I wanted to start Nutrisystem after the holidays so that I could still indulge myself in the unhealthy foods that I thought I wanted.  But, now, I am so thankful that I started a couple months back because now I really think about what is going into my mouth! I am now proud of my choices, own I fill up on raw veggies and fruits, I have cut way back on my diet coke and my drink water for the most part. I even feel more energized and there is something else, I BELIEVE! I Believe that I will succeed!!!

So, here is to a great healthy week end with plenty of fresh air, exercise, water and good food choices!!

My journey to a healthier life style is  Thanks  to NUTRISYSTEM.  I invite you to come along with me for mutual support. If you would also like to join NutriSystem, either click any where you see their name and it will link you right to their site!
Please visit Nutrisystem at or you can also call them @ 1-888-853-4689 and join the  Nutrisystem family too!!
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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

So Many Different Faces

Not a day goes by that we all don't face some type of choice.
What to wear, what kind of mood to express, highway, back roads, give the homeless person some money or some food, pay for some one else's toll, pay for a strangers lunch?
Is there something that you can do today to brighten up someone's life a little bit? A smile? A simple touch? A really tight hug?
So many choices. So many different faces to wear for others to see. What face are you showing?
I made a choice to be happy today. No matter the heartache that rips my soul apart; I will put on my happy face.
Today is the fifth anniversary of my husband becoming an angel. Like today, it was raining, which didn't surprise me because it rained when we met, our first date, and our wedding.
Taking the dogs outside today, I let the rain fall over me. I stood looking up into the sky and let my tears be mixed in the the raindrops from Heaven.
When someone you love so deeply is called Home, the grief never fades. It doesn't get better with time! Why do people say that? It just gets different. So very different. You lose friends and sometimes family that just can't seem to understand how you can still ache or they just don't know how to talk to you any more. Sometimes seeing you reminds them too much about their own pain.
Some things people say to try and "help" you through the grief are not helpful at all. For those of you who say "God won't give you anything you can't handle" Please for the love of God, STOP IT!!! It is NOT helpful.
How can you say that to a parent that has lost a child, to rape victims, or when someone's home burns down or gets foreclosed on. The last thing we want to hear is that.
For me, it made me question my faith! I am happy to say that I have regained or renewed my faith but its been a very hard road.
Today I want to focus on the good. I have gained hope again and new friendships. I have forgiven those that walked away from us. I have forgiven those that stole from us (at least I'm trying to😕).
Good things are starting to happen in our lives. My daughter's friend is getting married and wants my daughter to be with her do badly, she paid for my daughters cruise!!
Even though I am out of work, I have not had to worry about food, thanks to Meredith Bandy at Nutrisystem!
I have been given free products in order to write about my journey to becoming healthy!
So. Instead of eating foods that fill you but are so very unhealthy, Nutrisystem provides me with not only healthy and nutritious foods but it is extremely delushious! Yes, De-Lush-ious!! That's even yummier than delicious!
Am I hungry, ehhh sometimes, but, I make such better choices for a snack!
I am learning to stop eating when emotions take over. I let my emotions out for a little bit. I now exercise and have a goal again in my life!
My goal? Oh, I am going to be a success story for Nutrisystem and I want to work for them! I also want to be able to get my daughter on this wonderful program so that she too will become healthy and self confident. I want to be one of the girls in the commercials, I want to be an inspiration to someone. Someone who thinks there is no hope left!
Good things DO happen to good people!
So today, the choice I make is to be happy! Happy that I had such a wonderful husband and that he was such a great dad and friend to all those who knew him!
Happy that I am on the road to being heathy and happy that my faith has been renewed.
Will you also choose to be happy today? Please join me in becoming a better YOU!
Since I am posting from my phone it won't let me set you up with a link to Nutrisystem. Be good to yourself and go to and join! You will begin to feel hopeful again! There is no stress, everything is right there to help you! Counselors and new friends to help you through rough spots and celebrate your successes!
Trust me! It really works!! I am down 18 pounds!! Waaaahooooo!!
*discloser: I was given free product in exchange for my honest opinion. In no way am I told what to say. Your opinion may be different than mine, but, that is okay! That is what makes us unique and special. Today, remember YOU ARE SPECIAL and deserve to feel that way!! So, won't you please join me on the road to a healthier lifestyle?

Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday's Read ~ Enchanted By Starlight

 Enchanted By Starlight by Tina L. Hook

Publication Date: October 16, 2012

This enchanting story is set around three girls, Skylar ( love that name) Grace and Alaina.
Each girl has to find for herself her true meaning for enchantment through lives that are intertwined through envy, deception and love.
If you are one that wishes on stars when you look up into the sky, this is surely a book that you will find very difficult to put down! It is truly magic!
Bravo Miss Tina! Bravo!!!
The story take place Florida

Skylar, Grace and Alaina have magical powers that were given to them from comets. each a different comet, each a different gift.
Sklylar wanted so badly to be someone important and not judged by the her clothes or small home. She grew up in a small home and couldn't wait to get away. She falls in love but, he just couldn't give her what she thought she needed.

Grace was very kind hearted and a devoted and true friend. She had a special power over men. She was unsure of herself. I think though, she may have been my favorite of the girls. She was kind and cared about her friends. 

That brings us to Alaina. I didn't like her. She really angered me. She was mean and spiteful and lived to ruin everything for Skylar.

I loved this book! I loved how the characters intertwined from early in life.  Once I picked it up, I just couldn't put it down.  I really enjoy that there was a magical twist to this book that sets it at the must read category!


Friday, November 9, 2012

Losing With Betsy~never never never give up

Thank you NUTRISYSTEM!!!

Great words to live by! 

I had a really tough week.  I let things get to me and as a consequence, I ended up falling into bad habits. So, I have picked myself up and kicked myself in the butt several times (Too bad that doesn't count as exercise) and I am back into forward motion with my life. 

 The anniversary of my husband's death (and my dad's 10 days later, my mom six month prior) is coming up this week and I let it get the best of me. But, I have decided that I need to focus on the joy that their lives gave to me.

 God truly blessed me. I am so thankful for the love that I was so lucky to have had. Also I loved my childhood. My parents were tons of fun and we always were laughing. So, this year on the 5th anniversary, I will celebrate their lives and not dwell on their deaths.

 I owe it to myself and to our daughter to continue my new healthy lifestyle. I like how I feel when I am in control of my progress. With the help of NutriSystem I WILL  Succeed!!! I even have family members using NutriSystem.  Both my sister and my niece have also joined!! 

My niece has type II diabetes and guess what!?!? NutriSystem has a program especially made for that! Please check out their site by clicking on their name and see all they have to offer! You will be amazed! 
My niece and I are getting together a couple of days a week to use her elliptical and her Wii Fit so that we will be able to have fun while we push each other to our goal of a healthy weight. It always helps to have support!

I also have decided to make my daughter her Christmas gifts. I love to knit and crochet and guess what, it also helps me not think about eating! I found some beautiful yarns to work with. (once they are finished, I will take pictures and upload them to show the finished projects.)

So, here is to a great healthy week end with plenty of fresh air, exercise, water and good food choices!!

My journey to a healthier life style is  Thanks  to NUTRISYSTEM.  I invite you to come along with me for mutual support. If you would also like to join NutriSystem, either click any where you see their name and it will link you right to their site!
Please visit Nutrisystem at or you can also call them @ 1-888-853-4689 and join the  Nutrisystem family too!!
  • Disclosure: I am receiving free Nutrisystem products and services (yay!!) in exchange for my participation and honest review of the program!I

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Monday, November 5, 2012

I hate you November

Yes, that is right. It's the only month I truly don't like! It does have some redeeming factors such as some people that I love were born this month. And there is Thanksgiving to end the month, but, it doesn't at all stop the lump stuck in my throat.
I am a person that continuously count my blessings. Even still, after the year of sadness I still can count not only the blessings that I have, but, the blessings that were once mine.
For those of you born or have blessings born in November please forgive me if this post offends you.
To me, I feel this month should be called Noremember ... Although that wouldn't stop the heavy heartache that even my medication can't touch.
Please don't think that I am being selfish. I know that others are also hurting this month. Normally, I am like a big fluffy comforter and if you are hurting, I will wrap my self around you and take on your pain. But, not in November. I can barely survive my own pain and wish so badly for a comforter of my own to take this pain and emptiness away.
It has been like this for five years now. Five years! Oh yes, I also hate the year 2007. My daughter and I watched the ball drop and become 2008 and all we could do was hug each other and weep!
I love October. It's full of hope and color and scents that reminds me of childhood days with my dad raking leaves into piles just for us to jump in while my mom would be busy in the kitchen cooking up something magical.
I love the crispness in the air and the warmth of the sun. Yes, I have to say, my most favorite month is October.
We were married in October, my Peter Pan and I. My darling Gilly, never seen without a smile on his face and a handshake or clap on the back for everyone.
He reminded me a lot of my dad. Great sense of humor, always with a joke or six to tell. Didn't swear. True gentlemen. A handshake from them was better than any signed contract. They were honest men who would do anything to help you.
In 2007, on my wedding anniversary, 2 things happened that dropped me to my knees. Took the wind out of my sails as my dad and Gilly would have said.
My dad, my dear sweet dad, fell. He fell in his bathroom and cracked his head. This part just rips my heart open... He laid there for two hours, before his neighbor came into check on him and found him there.
The neighbor called me and asked me to come sit with him, but, my husband was throwing up so, I called my sister Chrissy and asked her to sit with him.
When she got to our dads, she decided to get him to the hospital to have the bump on his head checked out. The hospital kept him for observation.
My Gilly wasn't getting better, we ended up at the same hospital as my dad. While the techs were taking X-rays of my husbands chest, I ran up to see my dad.
I kissed him and ran back down to the ER to see my husband. The doctor came in and said he thinks that my husband is having a heart attack! Things are kind of hazy there since panic set into me. I know I must have texted our daughter Leah because she ended up with me.
The doctor decided to operate and see what was happening...
When the doctor came and sat with me, the first thing he said was that my husband was a very sick man.
A balloon pump was placed into his heart and we were transported to Boston for a heart transplant. Once in Boston, I begged the doctors to use my heart! I told them that it was already his and I wouldn't need it if he died. They just patted my hand and said no dear. That wasn't how things worked. There was no one to blame, some people just don't have healthy hearts.
My husband who had the heart if an angel. Always helped those in need. Always there to put a smile on your face and happiness in your own heart! That beautiful heart of his could just not hold on any longer. On a cold and rainy morning at 2:30 in a room filled with Beatle music and get well cards, my husband had to go.
I searched in the corners of the room for his spirit and begged him to get back into his body! I washed him and kept kissing him but he just wouldn't wake up! Even my tears weren't magical enough to bring him back!
I still had the belief that God would suddenly have Gilly take a gasp of air and his beautiful heart would beat again. He would be a miracle.
I now know that he was a miracle that God put into my life. With Gilly, I was able to find me. He brought with him his love for God and me and Leah.
No matter what some his family wants to think of us, they forget that Gilly picked us! He loved us with the last beat of his beautiful heart.
We were one. So how do you move forward when a very part of you is gone? All your future that you had planned out together... Gone!
We were going to be that cute old couple that lived in the woods and walked every day holding hands and waving at everyone.
On that cold November day, all my hopes and dreams were washed away in the rain.

And so it rained! Cold lonely rain.
The rain, the rain came at all the important dates in our lives. We met up in a pouring rain storm, our first date, thunderstorm, our wedding and honeymoon, rain...November 13, rain!
I lost so much that cold rainy morning! I was lost, in shock and angry! I was angry at God! I couldn't believe that a God who is supposed to love so loving, could take my husband, my future away from me!
I have never been angry at my husband for not being able to hang on to this life. No, my anger was directed at God. The God that I prayed so hard to all my life! What had I done so terribly in my life to have him not only do this to me but to my innocent daughter.
He took my sweet mom in May, my job, my friend Susan Whipple, my daughter and roommates fire at her dorm, her roommate Tasha's dads death, my husbands best friend Dennis Cobb death, our restaurant closing ... My life used to be so blessed! Then in 6 short months, I lost my faith. Faith in God, faith in people.
Five days after burying my husband, 10 days after my husband died, my dad left us and joined my mom. Before he joined my mom I told him that when he got to heaven to tell God that He made a huge mistake when He took Gilly.
My sweet sweet loving dad had taken my hand and told me that God doesn't make mistakes and He leaves the strong behind. We cried together. He was sorry that he couldn't be with me at Gilly's funeral.
I was laying in my parents bed, the day after Thanksgiving when the phone rang and my brother told that my dad was gone.
As sad as I was, I was so happy for my dad! For as hard as my husband was trying to live, my dad was trying to die.
I didn't cry at my dads funeral. Maybe it was that I was still in shock. I don't know. I knew my dad was where he wanted to be. He was with my mom!

For 62 years he and his bride were married. They had been through so much together, births, miscarriages, cancers, war, heart attacks, pace makers, Alzheimer's. They had a special love that happens to so few of us.
Because of the love they had for each other, it was what I searched for and found.
I knew what we all had was special and I was thankful and counted my blessings.
I look back at those long five years and see just how far I've come. Oh I still wonder how a shattered heart can still beat, but, I have gained some of my faith back.
I will never heal completely, I know that. But, I am able to put a smile on my face and pretend that I am okay.
But, if you knew me before, you would see through my facáde. You would see that my eyes don't have the same twinkle, in fact they aren't even as blue any more. My laugh, although it is a great one, it isn't filled with the joy that it once had.
And you would know how I desperately need to be hugged and reassured that there are still bright days ahead.
Oh November, yes I hate you!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Losing With Betsy ~ Protein Drink Ideas

I am one that lives to experiment when making foods and drinks. Sometimes, the product needs to be thrown away because even the dogs run from it.
( Just kidding, I am very careful about what I feed my best friends)
But, sometimes, I can produce some very very tasty treats for the taste buds!
Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE the taste of the protein drinks from Nutrisystem!! But, I play with my food.
So this morning I was craving an iced mocha latte. Two problems arose, lack of funds to shell out for a coffee and lack of gas to get to a coffee shop.
Hmmmm what is a caffeine and chocolate addicted girl to do?
Well, that is when ideas start popping around in my little brain like popcorn doing its little dance of explosion in hot oil.
Yes, I can make this!!! So, since the shakes are so thick, and I didn't really feel like having a milk shake.
I decided to double the liquid ... The liquid was fresh coffee and add an envelope of the chocolate protein mix to it with about 5 ice cubes. ( I love ice! Even when the weather gets cold)
I shook it up really well ( which reminds me, I need to order the special mixing cup Nutrisystem has that comes with a metal ball inside so it will mix up completely... No funny lumps lingering)
The result was a success!!! I ended up adding more coffee since it was still a bit thick for my taste but, I had 3 full cups of this delushious concoction that I split up and drank throughout the day! Yummo!
Another few concoctions that were also successful were , banana in the strawberry,( need a blender for that one, but, so worth it) strawberries in the strawberry, raspberries in the vanilla.
The coffee flavored protein drink is pretty sweet since I don't use hardly any sweetener in my coffee so, mixing it with coffee is also sooo good!!
Please try these and let me know, what have you tried? Successes and failures?
I was thinking of adding some peanut-butter to the vanilla and making it thicker, then maybe crush a graham cracker and have peanut butter pie!
Or adding pumpkin! I will have to try that since Thanksgiving is coming up pretty quickly.
Here's hoping that you have a very successful day! And remember, if you fall down, pick yourself back up, brush away the feeling of failure, and make a better choice next time! You can do this! We can do this!!!

* these are all my own opinions and I in no way am told what to write or what to say!

My journey to a healthier life style is Thanks to #NUTRISYSTEM. I invite you to come along with me for mutual support. If you would also like to join NutriSystem, either click any where you see their name and it will link you right to their site!
Please visit Nutrisystem at or you can also call them @ 1-888-853-4689 and join the Nutrisystem family too!!
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