Saturday, May 4, 2013

If the world flops you upside down...

If the world flops you upside down, walk on the ceiling!!
We are faced with many obstacles in life. My goal is to find a way to overcome and move past any obstacles that are weighing me down.
Sometimes the road is really tough and so dark. Those are the times that you feel so alone. Don't give up!! Hang on with every last fiber of your being, set one foot in front of the other, hold your head up high, say a prayer and move forward.
It might seem impossible to lift up your feet on some of the paths, but, shuffle along and you will make it through!
I personally, have had a very difficult path to trudge, but, I am making it. It's been slow and sometimes I have lost my balance and fallen. I have even rolled down hill sometimes. The important thing is to stand back up.
In one year, my daughter and I lost nearly everything. It started with my job being dissolved, my friend passing away, my daughter's dorm fire, my dog passing away, my mom passing away, my daughters roommate's dad passing away, my brother in law having a heart attack, my sister in law having her heart miss firing, my husband's best friend passing away, my husband having a heart attack and needing a heart transplant on our wedding anniversary, my dad being hospitalized the same day, the loss of our restaurant, my darling husband passing away and ten days later, my dad passing away. You think that was enough, my house was robbed by someone I thought I could trust. Most of my husband's family shunned me and one even tried to turn my own daughter against me!
What did I do? I crawled inside myself and turned to food to try to find comfort. Comfort from the pain and loneliness. Comfort from the feeling of abandonment and thoughts that I must have done something really really awful in my life to be punished so badly.
I couldn't find anything to ease this pain. I was broken and shattered and felt all alone.
A person I thought was a family friend walked up to me at my dad's funeral and told me that I needed to join the human race! Not I'm sorry for your loss, but critiquing me on how I was grieving. Then to top it off, she sent me an email which she copied to my all my in laws saying how selfish a person I am and that I only think of myself!
I should go visit someone that was missing an arm or leg and see how they feel.
I could have stuck up for myself, I could have been just as heartless and written something back to her, to all of them. But instead, I told her that I would pray for her.
Visit someone that is missing a limb? I was missing my heart. I had begged the doctors to please use my heart, I knew it would be no good without my husband.
I would have gladly given up my arms and my legs to have my husband and parents back, to give my daughter her innocence and laughter back.
And so, I ate. I ate to fill the emptiness. I ate to try and find pleasure. I ate because I was in despair. I would get a glimpse of myself in the mirror and not know who it was and yet, I seemed to not be able to stop. I had lost control of everything in my life.
My nieces Anji and Tiffany suggested that I start blogging. It's a place to write down how you feel and maybe win some great giveaways.
That is how I began to find myself again! My niece, Tiffany from bookcover justice introduced me to Meredith Bandy.
Meredith is the PR Manager for NUTRISYTEM. She has so much compassion for people, she is like a breath of fresh air for me!
Through the grace of God, she hooked me up with Nutrisystem and a chance to not only find myself again, but, also to maybe be able to help others along the way with my blog!
I am so happy with the results so far! -25 pounds in 4 months, without really even trying! No stress of deciding what to eat or how to figure out the calories. It is all done for us!
I have learned portion control and now drink water more than any other beverage. I do however still love a diet coke now and then, but, it used to be the only thing I would drink.

I really love the food! It's very difficult to pick out a favorite when there are chocolate muffins, cinnamon rolls, biscuits and gravy, pizza, IceCream, cookies, chef specialties and so much more!!
The best thing from all of this; I like myself again! I took such great care of my folks and my husband!! I have NOTHING to be ashamed of!
It's time to take care of me! I am stronger than I ever thought and yet I am compassionate. I am tough but so soft hearted. I am kind and gentle and if all that is selfish; then so be it!
This is going to be a great year! I just know it! I live in a great little spot in the woods, I have the love of my family and friends. I have my beautiful daughter whom I'm so proud of. I am gaining control and becoming confident again.
I even have started a new friendship with a man. We were (almost) introduced by a mutual friend, but, that's another story of its own. :-)
It is never too late to get control of your life!! Do yourself a favor and please join Nutrisytem with me. I will help you along this pathway and if you stumble, I'll be here to catch you and if you fall, I will pick you up!
Here's to a great year and a healthier us!!

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