Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Just which of us is the trainer?

We were having such beautiful weather for about a week. It really was exciting. Nice breeze, no black flies or mosquitoes yet, and temps were in the high 70's. The sound's of spring filled the air.  Birds singing to each other, wood peckers pecking away at a tree, and the buzzing from a giant bumble bee searching my doorway for a home perhaps? He was really big, guess it was winter weight that got the best of him.
Bumble bees don't frighten me like other bees, they just seem so docile. I guess if I was ever stung by one, I may change my mind, but for now, I will continue to enjoy watching as they bumble around in their flight to where only my imagination can take me.
  Spring is so beautiful in New England. Flowers are starting to bloom and the sky is so blue. My lilac trees are just getting their leaves. I love lilacs! They will always remind me of my mom, she loved them too. So many people had them in their yards when we were growing up, including us, that the scent filled the air. To me, that was the best part of spring. I prefer the lilac colored lilacs, but, I want a cluster of all the colors in my yard. They make such a gorgeous bouquet.  My niece Tiffany has them surrounding her house, I believe she is allergic to them, so, she invites us to go pick them all off the trees. Thank you Tiffany!
  But, this is New England and as the folks up here say, "Don't like the weather, give it a minute".
I suppose that more people than just me were excited over the spring weather. Maine being as wonderful as it is, got a little nippy last night. It got down to 22! Twenty -Two! It was down right cold!
  When I took the dogs outside this morning, I was a bit saddened after seeing what they were sniffing at. It was the big bumble bee lying dead on my porch. Of course, things like this excite my dog Lily. If it will fit in her mouth, she will try and eat it, but, when she snuffed out, the bee rolled of the porch.
 Lily has a really playful spirit. Watson is playful too. In fact, he doesn't care if you are tired of playing, he can amuse himself, he will take his ball and throw it up in the air and run after it.
Lily wants you more involved. She will act out if she wants your attention and you aren't giving it to her. She always has to grab something to show you as she waits for you to come into the house. It is usually a stuffed toy of hers but, she has brought a can of veggies, a sock and even something more embarrassing from the laundry basket. To her, the world is one great big dinner plate and she becomes very offended if Leah or I have to reach down her throat and take out the cotton ball she's stolen from the bathroom or the pen from my purse.
Since I am unemployed for the moment, my dogs and I are pretty much constant companions. Does this make them listen any better? Nope, not at all.  Sometimes, I wonder if they are deaf, but, open up a package of bread or the oven door and they come bounding, clearing anything in the path.
 They understand sit, stay, lay down pretty well. They know what off means, they just don't agree with it. They also know the word come, but, that one seems to elude them if they break free when they are outside.
 Just like your children, you want your pets to also behave when visitors come or when you are on the phone, unfortunately just like most younger children, that is the time when they try to get away with everything.
I saw somewhere on the internet that dogs can't love, that we are just putting human feelings in them. Anyone that has had a dog, cat, bird, rat, ferret, or whatever mammal for a pet, I am sure they will agree with me, of course they feel love. They also feel dedication, sadness and fear.
I for one am very grateful for the love they have for me. I love that Lily brings something precious to the door to greet me and that Watson jumps all around as if I just returned from the land of the lost even if I just went to put the trash outside, that when I have a rough day and am feeling lonely, they lick my face and cuddle up really close to me.
Watson is a "talker" he whines and makes soft barking noises to let you know what he wants you to do for him. Lily seems to be picking it up from him lately. They even smile, Watson's smile is a closed mouth but lifts his lips and shows his teeth and Lily is the open mouth smile.
 All in all, we are a good team. I think that perhaps they are really thoughtful too. After all, they do let me believe that I am the one doing the training...sometimes!

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