Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Losing With Betsy~Ridin' The Storm Out

Living in the woods of Maine is so serene...normally. Our neighbors are the trees so during a storm that threatens downed trees and loss of electricity, when you are told to prepare, that is what you do. You prepare.
You make certain to charge everything you can, phones especially. Make sure to have plenty of water on hand and food that you don't need to cook.
I love my spot in the woods. I have healed greatly here since losing my home, both my parents, and my darling husband.
This is where my husband would have wanted to live and this little spot feels so safe, even during storms.
The front room is basically all glass and faces south to benefit from the sun's warmth all day.
During the day, before the hurricane was directly on us, was indeed something to watch. The strength of the trees that surround this house is awesome.
These beautiful trees have wonderful flexibility. They seem to dance in a swaying rhythm and their branches reach out to each other to waltz and dip to the music of the wind.
As beautiful as it looks, it is also very dangerous. Sometimes the wind can be such a bully that it can blow an older tree right over hitting power lines and causing outages everywhere.
So, how does this bring me to a losing with Betsy article??
When my daughter Leah and I lost power, we were set with healthy foods that needed no cooking to eat and we pre washed everything incase of no water.
We had fresh salad veggies and fresh fruits. Such a great thing to grab when you are an emotional eater and feel you need to pop something in your mouth!
Also I mix the chocolate protein mix with coffee instead of water and oh my, what a delushious ( delushious is a few taste buds better than delicious)
And with my lunch bars added, I ride out the storm, proud of myself for sticking to my NEW healthy lifestyle!
Today, I woke up and thanked God that we were all safe and the angels for protecting my spot in the woods and of course Nutrisystem for keeping me on the right track to staying healthy!

So, I have to say, I should never fear, Nutrisystem is there to guide me and even help me through the bumps and dips in the road. They are just a phone call away if I need to get added support or have any questions.
Are you struggling with weight and poor health? I can say, there is no need to fear, please make the right decision and come get healthy with me. We can and WILL do this... Together!!!
* these are all my own opinions and I in no way am told what to write or what to say!

My journey to a healthier life style is Thanks to #NUTRISYSTEM. I invite you to come along with me for mutual support. If you would also like to join NutriSystem, either click any where you see their name and it will link you right to their site!
Please visit Nutrisystem at www.nutrisystem.com/nsblog or you can also call them @ 1-888-853-4689 and join the Nutrisystem family too!!
Disclosure: I am recieving free Nutrisystem products and services (yay!!) in exchange for my participation and honest review of the program!

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