Monday, October 29, 2012

Losing With Betsy~No Need To Fear!

This week is week 3 and I am so very excited to tell you, I lost 1/2 pound! Now my total loss is - 10 1/2 pounds!

I have to tell you that my daughter Leah and I had a Halloween Party this past week-end. It was great fun and very successful as far as parties go, but, for my trying to become healthy, it was not a really good night.
Although even in 3 weeks, I have adopted some fantastic eating habits. I didn't over eat, but, I did make some not so healthy choices. Normally, that would be enough to throw my hands up in the air and say, oh who cares!? I've blown it for good now!!!
But, not this time! This time when I woke up in the morning, I opened my freezer, took out a package of Nutrisystem pancakes and forgave myself.
I got right back on track!!! Of course, getting right back on track was very easy when the food is just so delicious and very filling! And taste is very important to me.
Sometimes, I am a bit fearful to try a new flavor like the Moroccan Inspired Chicken from the frozen meal section. It wasn't the chicken or the spinach that I was apprehensive about, it was the side of cinnamon bulgar wheat. I love cinnamon, but, never had I eaten bulgar wheat. I have never had bulgar wheat even in conversation.
I have to admit, the first bite was interesting and I wasn't sure that I liked the texture or the taste, but, I am determined to eat healthy and become fit! The second bite was more pleasant and at the end if my meal, I was kind of wishing that I had some more.
I have to say, I was very impressed and look forward to eating that meal again!
The frozen meals come inside a steam fresh bag. With this type of cooking, everything is cooked so thoroughly that there aren't any cold spots like you sometimes get in frozen meals. The taste is also so full of flavor and the juices are not all dried out!
I have to say that I always figured that Nutrisystem was just a hype but, after eating the food which is soooo delushious, yes Delushious! My goal is to become a spokeswoman for them.

I have to admit, I have loved Marie Osmond and Janet Jackson since I was young and grew up listening and following them. So, because of that they seem almost like family even though they don't know me. I have known them for do many years and have followed their weight loss and healthier bodies from joining Nutrisystem!
My sister Chrissy also influenced me to seek out Nutrisystem to get healthy because she is successful because of them also!!
So, I have to say, I should never fear, Nutrisystem is there to guide me and even help me through the bumps and dips in the road. They are just a phone call away if I need to get added support or have any questions.
Are you struggling with weight and poor health? I can say, there is no need to fear, please make the right decision and come get healthy with me. We can and WILL do this... Together!!!
* these are all my own opinions and I in no way am told what to write or what to say!

My journey to a healthier life style is Thanks to #NUTRISYSTEM. I invite you to come along with me for mutual support. If you would also like to join NutriSystem, either click any where you see their name and it will link you right to their site!
Please visit Nutrisystem at or you can also call them @ 1-888-853-4689 and join the Nutrisystem family too!!
Disclosure: I am recieving free Nutrisystem products and services (yay!!) in exchange for my participation and honest review of the program!

You can also follow Nutrisystem on Facebook, @Nutrisystem on Twitter, as well as on any other social media channels you are a part of (i.e. YouTube, Pinterest & Google+)

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