Monday, October 29, 2012

Perfect Bait from Michael Fowlkes

I received Perfect Bait to read and give a review.
I honestly feel someone with knowledge and love of the working of boats would enjoy this book more than I did.
It was supposed to be a thriller, which it was but not until the last third of the book. Then, some of the scenes were very graphically violent.
The author's details definitely made your heart race! The love scenes were not for the shy and although I am not shy, there were times that I felt myself blush.
I love the strong women characters that were in the story!
All in all, I wrestled with what I should score this book at and I decided upon 2 bookmarks out of 5 bookmarks. For me, this was a book to read but I tended to day dream a bit with all the workings of a boat.

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