Friday, November 2, 2012

Losing With Betsy ~ Protein Drink Ideas

I am one that lives to experiment when making foods and drinks. Sometimes, the product needs to be thrown away because even the dogs run from it.
( Just kidding, I am very careful about what I feed my best friends)
But, sometimes, I can produce some very very tasty treats for the taste buds!
Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE the taste of the protein drinks from Nutrisystem!! But, I play with my food.
So this morning I was craving an iced mocha latte. Two problems arose, lack of funds to shell out for a coffee and lack of gas to get to a coffee shop.
Hmmmm what is a caffeine and chocolate addicted girl to do?
Well, that is when ideas start popping around in my little brain like popcorn doing its little dance of explosion in hot oil.
Yes, I can make this!!! So, since the shakes are so thick, and I didn't really feel like having a milk shake.
I decided to double the liquid ... The liquid was fresh coffee and add an envelope of the chocolate protein mix to it with about 5 ice cubes. ( I love ice! Even when the weather gets cold)
I shook it up really well ( which reminds me, I need to order the special mixing cup Nutrisystem has that comes with a metal ball inside so it will mix up completely... No funny lumps lingering)
The result was a success!!! I ended up adding more coffee since it was still a bit thick for my taste but, I had 3 full cups of this delushious concoction that I split up and drank throughout the day! Yummo!
Another few concoctions that were also successful were , banana in the strawberry,( need a blender for that one, but, so worth it) strawberries in the strawberry, raspberries in the vanilla.
The coffee flavored protein drink is pretty sweet since I don't use hardly any sweetener in my coffee so, mixing it with coffee is also sooo good!!
Please try these and let me know, what have you tried? Successes and failures?
I was thinking of adding some peanut-butter to the vanilla and making it thicker, then maybe crush a graham cracker and have peanut butter pie!
Or adding pumpkin! I will have to try that since Thanksgiving is coming up pretty quickly.
Here's hoping that you have a very successful day! And remember, if you fall down, pick yourself back up, brush away the feeling of failure, and make a better choice next time! You can do this! We can do this!!!

* these are all my own opinions and I in no way am told what to write or what to say!

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