Thursday, April 19, 2012

Is it that I trust everyone or ...

Hmmm. Today I am pondering, is it that I trust everyone to be honest, or is it that I am too gullible for my own good? Oh, I will admit, I am extremely gullible. I believed my brother in law when he told me I needed to change the summer air out of my tires with the winter air so that the tires would grip the road better. Okay, I believed that the winter air was heavier and that it was possible. I was young. My husbands family, husband included, are a bunch of practical jokers. I, fell for their stories every time. I am not proud of it, but, it sure made playing pranks on me pretty darn easy!
My friend Norman, remember him, he was the one that I fell so in love with...well, he had joined the Air Force and became a Fire Fighter...(he is the Chief now!) He used to call me every week and we would chat for hours, of course, he also is a prankster and one night while we were talking, he said the sky was such a beautiful color down in 'bama that the moon looked green! Wow! Green!! He told me to go check and see if it was green in NH too, so, I put the phone down and ran outside to look, he was laughing so hard when I got back to the phone, I really thought that maybe the clouds or something made it look that way...ya, well. My sister still laughs about the green moon!
Earlier this week I met a man for coffee that I met online on okcupid. He had coffee, I had diet coke. I thought since I was totally honest on the site so was every one else. Let me go into further detail. We met at McDonalds and as soon as he got out of the car he tried to kiss me, I turned my head,he tried again, I turned it the other way. Ewww. Then he told me that I had a serious problem with diet coke and that if I wanted to be with him I had to give it up. Why didn't I just jump back in the car and peel out of the lot??? Nope, not me...I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. He had said he was 5'11 with a good body now that he had lost 44 pounds. WOW that is awesome! 44 pounds! Good for him. I had told him I lost almost 15 and that I was doing weight watchers. He is maybe 5'6 and 280 pounds. Strike one. Liar.
He ordered a coffee with extra creams and I ordered a diet coke. He looked at me and very loudly said "what? are you shitting me?" I will have a diet coke please. It has 0 calories compared to how many in your extra creamed coffee?
He then went over to the condiments and pocketed a couple handfuls of Equal. Great, a bully and a klepto! Let's just add that to the liar and let's see...Oh yay! If I do my math right, that would be 3 for 3. Oooooo aren't I the lucky girl! He told me not to give up hope that I could still have him, maybe, but, he said he saw that I put NO SMOKERS. No exception!
He told me that he could quit anytime, but,I should smoke with him. Okay moron! I said um, nooo I will not! He told me it was the best weed around! EXCUSE ME??? Weed? Lord Jesus save me from this whack job! He also told me that he knew all about me. I said okay, give it a shot. Told me that I wasn't working because my husband got killed in Iraq and I was really rich from that. At this point he kept trying to hold my hands, I kept pulling them away. He told me that it has been a long time since someone has treated me nicely and he was going to do just that and we are going out on a date on saturday...Oh darn, I said...Look at the time, I have to go. I have an interview.(I did, no lie there)Oh, and as for saturday, I am busy. Sorry. Again with the trying to kiss me. Ugh! BOB! NO means NO! He gave me his email and told me to write him. Sure thing I say as he drives away and I look for the nearest trash can!
I came home and got ready for my "online" interview. I was sent an email stating that they were very impressed with my resume and that they were forwarding it up to the CEO to schedule an online interview with me. Mr Cloys Feldman. Told me to get yahoo messenger and add him to the friends list to do my interview. He sent me the details of the Wait, this is a work from home job? CF Yes yes it is. Me: How do I verify it is a legitimate job? CF How do you want to. Blah blah blah, typical questions that would be asked. Then he made a mistake, send me your complete name and address and meet me online tomorrow at 9 am.

So, I started thinking, if he had my resume in front of him,it has all that information on it. Damn! It was for 20 an hour! This time, I had a funny hunch...scam!

Needless to say, I did not meet Mr Cloys Feldman at 9am this morning and I have removed myself from the dating sites.

My words of advise, even if your as gullible as I am, always re-think if it sounds plausible, check as many resources as possible. I went to google and this site is on the web, however, the links doesn't work. Please be careful out there. I NEED all the schmoozers I can get and would't want any of you to get hurt!!

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