Friday, April 13, 2012

I am back and ready to Schmooze

I was gone for a little bit, got hit with some sort of bug and it wasn't that I felt really awful or anything, just a slight sore throat and my ear hurt, but, I just couldn't get any motivation! So, needless to say, I have to start my INSANITY workout all over since I didn't continue it while I was blahhhh.

Okay, so first off, let me say that I lost more this week,(only lost .2 last week! .2???Geeze)This week, I lost 1.6! (I'm jumping up and down and trying to type) that brings my total to -14.8. It is slowly coming off, but, it is coming off the correct way with a new attitude towards food and not using it for comfort any longer. I exercise instead.
Leah stayed the same this week, but, is still going strong.
My sister Chrissy has now lost a total of 16.2! Incredible!! Any one else out there want to hop on the losing with Betsy wagon??? Plenty of room! And don't forget to join my page here at on the right side of the page and sign up for my free give away of the stainless steel measuring spoons from weight watchers that come in 1/4 cup ladle, 1/2 and 1 whole!! They are amazing!

I did something really gutsy...okay, for me it was really gutsy. I joined an online dating site. Yup. I know, big step, right? After all, I have all this wit and charm just going to waste, I may as well try and share it with someone else, or at least force it upon them. Here is the funny thing. Funny as in sad, not funny as in let's say...funny. I get some men looking, and I have not lied, I said that I am overweight, but, working diligently on losing it; but, even men my age, want a person for looks. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure that there are men who can see the potential/appeal in women of the short round stature. The heart that lies beneath the blubber extra padding. For anyone that truly knows me, I have a very loving and compassionate heart. And damn it, I have great inner beauty! I actually like the woman that I grew into. Last night as I was perusing the site, I came across a man that was a 99% match to me. 99%! That is pretty great! He lives near Boston and I loved his profile. It is very entertaining and, I should have guessed, he is a writer! Of course he is. I love writers!! I wasn't surprised to see the 99% matching after I read the questions that we both answered. I have to admit, I am a window shopper, sideline snooper, or however you see fit to name me and people like me. I look at the profiles and wonder. I don't contact anyone! Oh God, NO WAY! Well, no way until last evening. I actually sent a message to this man, in which I told him, I really enjoyed his wit and charm. We shall see if he answers me. I did ask him (since he is a published writer) if he was on the site just to do research for a new book. God, I sure hope I worded that nicely so that it didn't sound bitchy. When I read that, it did sound a little bitchy. In no way did I mean it to be.

I want to add a serious note to this blog. I have always thought of NH and Maine as very safe states in which to live. We had rift in that safe feeling last evening. Five police officers went to a house in Greenland, NH with a search warrant early last evening. I suppose that there wasn't an answer when they knocked on the door, so, they peered into the window. The person in the house decided to start firing his automatic weapon at the officers.

Injured in the shootings were Detective Gregory Turner of the Dover police, 32, a six-year-veteran who was treated and released from the Portsmouth Regional Hospital for a gunshot wound to the shoulder; Officer Eric Kulberg, 31, a seven-year veteran of the University of New Hampshire police, who was treated and released for a single gunshot wound to the arm; Officer Scott Kukesh, 33, a 10-year veteran of the Newmarket police, who went into surgery with a gunshot wound to his chest; and Officer Jeremiah Murphy, 34, a seven-year veteran of the Rochester police who was in intensive care after surgery.
And the saddest news of all is the Police Chief of Greenland, Michael Maloney, 48, who was one week from his retirement was shot and killed. The man who killed this small town’s police chief and wounded four other officers was found dead inside his home early today, along with a woman who was inside the building when the officers were met by a barrage of gunfire as they tried to execute a drug warrant.
My heart goes out to the Chief's family. I wish that there were something more that I could do. Such overwhelming sadness in the small community of Greenland and the surrounding areas.

Rest in Peace Chief!

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