Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I am insane!!

Okay, holy God almighty! The Insanity work out is just THAT. The first day is the FIT Test. You write down how many you do of each of the exercises on that to see your improvement every two weeks.  I have to give tons of credit for those that can do this work out! There were a couple that I couldn't do the right way. 1 was to get down on the floor, (I can do that just fine, I was praying I could get back up); get into a push up position but, have your forearms on the floor and hold your hands together,(so, right here, hands together, you are already praying) Now, bring your knee up to your elbow. 1 leg than the other. I was  lucky to get into that position, never mind moving. I could not do it. I tried and tried, but I ended up not in a push-up position, but, in a plank.  I was a moving plank however. It wasn't pretty by any means! I kept doing the exercise and hopefully in 60 days, I can do at least 1 set correctly. For now, I am feeling okay for what I did. I am not fit, let me repeat. I AM NOT FIT!! But, I am DETERMINED!
If you have never heard of the Insanity work out, look it up on youtube, I am sure that there are a ton of the videos on there. I however will NOT film myself struggling through these 60 days! I am a short round woman and watching me work out is not a pretty site. I even put the dogs outside so I don't ruin them!
Actually, they think if I am on the floor it is now time to pounce. Hmmm, maybe I can work them into my work out routine.
I also have a hip-hop abs that a friend gave to me that looks so much easier, so, I think I will do that at night. There isn't any rolling on the floor for that. I also have a couple of belly dancing videos, they are definitely more my style! I can do those. Of course, it's a good thing that I live in the woods with no neighbors in sight so they don't have a stroke. Okay, I'm kidding, but, they would need some mental help after they GOUGED their eyes out! LOL.
 I will get my body back in shape and I will TRY to enjoy the trip there. I just wish my niece Brooke had picked out something like one of "Sweating to the Oldies" or learn the Hustle, those I KNOW I can do! LOL. But, I am with her. A few States away and way way way out of shape. I just love her dearly and am trying to give her some sort of support while my nephew is in Afghanistan. So, Brooke sweetie, I can't do much, but, I am sweating out Richie's time away with you. I know its not the same, but, hopefully you can feel my love and moral support through the cyber world!!
Stay strong and God Bless all the Service men and women and families, past, present and future.

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  1. I think I probably would've stayed on the floor and taken the opportunity to nap :)