Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Schmoozing with pets

For as long as I can remember, I have always had pets. My parents loved them and so we always had at least one. Mostly they were dogs and cats, but, sometimes, we would have different little critters to observe.
My brothers (taught by my mom) would catch snakes. I loved the fact that my mom could catch snakes, but, bring a caterpillar around her and she would get the heebie jeebies. We'd have ants that we would catch and put in a jar and watch them as they scurried around digging their endless mazes through the dirt.
 Once, my brother Steve even had a scorpion mama with babies, that, the movers wrapped and packed when my family moved from Florida to Otis AFB. He had been searching for his jar that held his dangerous treasure, so that he could release them into the wild...better known as our back yard. But, we never found them until we were unpacking in our new home.
 My sister Chris was able to have her dog Mr. Spock, move with us. What a great friendship they had. Oh, he loved everyone, but, she was most definitely his special person. She would do this sort of tarzan yell and no matter where he was, he'd come running. If he wanted you to go somewhere, he would grab your hand in his mouth and take you. Sometimes it was just to go out, and sometimes it was a journey. We even watched him save the life of a cat once. The cat was in the road and a car was coming, he ran into the road, grabbed the cats head in his mouth and brought it safely to the side of the road. Oh yes, he was a very special friend.
 While on Otis, our next door neighbors had 2 cats, they were half Siamese and half Persian. Thumper and Flower. When Flower was having her kittens, my neighbor called me over. I was able to watch the kittens being born. Very exciting! I even picked out one, she looked just like her mom, a Siamese with little white feet. I named her Daisy. My little brother John picked out one that looked just like Thumper, no one would have know that he was a mix. He looked pure Siamese and he was lovingly named Tigerino.
 Years went by, more moves to new bases, but, we were all okay. After all, we had our best friends with us.
 Daisy lived for 25 years. I still had her when Leah was born. She became Leah's little protector. She would cuddle up to her when I would lay Leah down for a nap, and if Leah stirred, Daisy let me know.
 Now, we have 2 cats, 1 named KC (short for kitty cat) and the other Binx. KC was supposed to be for Leah when she was in the 1st grade, but, she took a liking to Gilly. When ever we would try to pet her, she would slink down so you would miss, but, not with Gilly, she would rub all over him and had to sleep under the covers right up against him. She's a beautiful old girl, mostly black with white feet and splotches all over. She allows us to pet her now, but, at night, she cries for Gilly.
Binx, oh Binx. He is a very special boy. He is an orange tabby that we saved. He is Leah's cat and lets her know it. When she went away to college and would come home for visits, he would be all lovey and then remember that Leah didn't take him along with her. He would growl at her for days until he finally forgave her. He still will get mad at her if she won't let him in her room and that boy has some wonderful expressions.
Then there was my very first dog. Sammie. Sammie was attached to me. We adopted her from the shelter, a black lab mix...I think with a beagle. Sammy died during our year of darkness. She gave us 15 fun filled years.
 We had others along with Sammie Huey, Katie and Cheyenne. Huey, a newfy lab mix, huge and gentle and his companion Katie, a German Shepard, adopted from my father in law when he passed. And Cheyenne, beautiful Cheyenne, Shepard and collie mix.
  Now, I have Watson and Lily. I have come to the conclusion that I have a thing for naming my pets after flowers.
 Lily and Watson are brother and sister. Their mom is a German Shepard and their dad is a Golden Retriever ... so a German Retriever or a Golden Shepard??? The mom was in heat, broke out of her pen and their dad took her out on a date.
Watson is cool and calm, black with brindle lines on his face and legs. He will hold a conversation with you...and he closes his mouth and smiles at you. That boy loves balls, he doesn't care if you toss them, he tosses them himself and runs after it.
Lily, oh my Lily, she can be a handful. She looks full blooded Shepard except for her ears...her adorable ears are half up and half down, reminds me of The Flying Nun's hat. She is 95 pounds of bouncing mischief.
 They are my healers, they have forced me to get up, even though I didn't want to. They take me for walks to get fresh air and they lick my tears away when I cry. They even will make room for me on my bed so that I can sleep. They wash the dishes if left in the sink, clean the kitty litter if I'm not paying attention and protect me by letting me know when something dangerous is in our yard. I am amazed at how dangerous a cute little squirrel must be, or the gaggle of turkeys running in the driveway. We thank them for protecting us, but, mostly, I thank them for always being there for me, for loving me even when I don't love myself, for making me feel safe from mad squirrels hunting for nuts. But, most of all I thank them for always being my friend and companions on this new adventure in life, they will face the fears with me and enjoy each new day, and every time I come home, I wonder which of us is happier to see the other one. I am happy to be owned.


  1. I enjoyed your post very much. I love animals but no longer own any. We travel a lot and it would not be fair to have an animal and have to leave it behind when traveling...... Plus, I went through a divorce and had to give up a dog that I loved dearly. It broke my heart. I miss her to this day 20 years later.

    1. I understand. My husband had said that we were not going to get any more pets so that we could travel more easily.
      They become part of our family and I know the pain you feel.

  2. We have some pretty dangerous squirrels too. You just never can tell what they are capable of! :)