Saturday, February 18, 2012

Hello World

First off, welcome welcome!! Please get comfy, seat belts on, hands and feet inside at all times...this may be a very bumpy ride.
In order to start schmoozing with me, I'll have to tell you a little about who I am. I am the sixth child  out of seven, blessed to a wonderful mother and father. I am the youngest daughter and that put me in a great spot growing  up. Everyone looked out for me. My dad was in the military and I loved living that life! My mom taught me how to cook and do all kinds of crafty things.
Yes, I indeed had a great childhood. Humor was a huge part of growing up. Even around the supper table, from brothers blocking our bites by reaching across us, to my dad singing Betsy Beane strong and able, get your elbows off the table; which of course my brothers would sing Betsy Beane weak and unable...
My dad retired in New Hampshire and that is where I have lived until recently, my daughter and I have moved to Maine...okay, it is only across the bridge from NH that we have moved, but, it is a new state for us.
I have a fanatisical ( I will make up words) daughter, Leah. She has pretty amazing friends that have also adopted me. So, a lot of this blog may just end up being about how they are trying to raise me.
I suffer from post traumatic stress. My family went through a year of sadness and try as I may, to change things, I can not. I keep going over and over it in my mind trying to come out with a different outcome. I'm sure that I will go into further detail as we go forward, but, let's just say it was very tough hanging onto sanity.
With-in six months, in 2007, we lost my mom, my husband and my dad. In that same year, my job was dissolved, my dear friend died of breast cancer, my daughter and her college roommate Tasha, lost everything in a dorm fire.( No one was hurt, Thank God.) Tasha's dad died, my husband's best friend died, my dog of 15 years died, we were robbed while at my dads funeral, we lost my restaurant, then we lost our house. Needless to say, when Leah and I watch the ball drop for 2008, we cried.
Although I'm sure that some of the writings may be sad, I want this to be a place to heal. A place where we can let go and laugh and cry together.
There will be mini headers "Boozing with Betsy"  with special guests as we drink and enjoy each others company.
"Muzing with Betsy" funny little antidotes.
"Cruzing with Betsy" trips that we may take. You get the idea, so welcome, I am honored that you have invited me in.


  1. Darlene

    Betsy… I appreciate your desire to open your heart, and share your thoughts and feelings with all of us. I promise to read your words with tenderness, and to “listen” to your emotions with compassion.

  2. Jean

    Love it!! I think this will be a tremendous help in the healing process! Love you!!!

  3. Lee

    Boozing with Betsy? Sounds like my kind of blog.

  4. Donna

    I’m so excited for you. I love your idea to start a blog. And wow, now I can actually say to people, ” Oh yeah, I know that famous lady. She’s really awesome.” Best of luck and keep on writing!!

  5. The Skirt

    I think this is a really nice idea! I don’t have enough Betsy in my life in general! Love and hugs!

  6. Tiffany Drew

    Yay! I love your blog name Prepare to become addicted, it’s so much fun!

  7. The daughter

    We have to figure out the first boozing to booze.

  8. anji

    Yay! You did it! Love you