Friday, January 4, 2013

I can move Mountains!

Never underestimate the inner strength you have!
Today is a good day, today I moved mountains! Okay, it was mountains of snow and I used a shovel, but I did it!
That's right, ME!
If I could move this mountain, just think what YOU can do!
There are many mountains that we face in our life time. Some mountains small and unthreatening, so all you need to do us hop right over it and be on your merry way.
Then, there are mountains that are so big and frightening, that you have to find a path around it. I have one of those very foreboding mountains smack dab in the center of my path! This mountain is connected to many many smaller ones.
I have a mountain of grief. Grief, can halt you and force you to lose ground on your path. It may be one of the most difficult mountains to maneuver. This is one you have to conquer on your own.
There is no time limit as to when you must make it over, it is different for everyone. I am sure that you will find others that will set you back. There are also others that God will thankfully send you, to help pick you back up and set you on your feet.
There are other mountains that you may face; quitting smoking, shyness, and weight gain, to name a few. There are tools to help you make it over these mountains.
I was faced with a big weight gain when during another mountain climb in my life. This caused many small mountains to pop up. Lack of self esteem, feelings of hopelessness, abandonment... The list goes on.
With the help of Nutrisystem, I am making my way over this mountain. There is no stress involved. There are foods that will satisfy anyone and lead you on a more healthy path.
The mountains of hopelessness and self esteem begin looking like hills and are much easier climb.
I ask that you join me on my mountain climb and we can help each other. Sometimes, you might stumble, but, I will help you stand back up and together with Nutrisystem, we will knock this mountain down!!

Here are some mountain climbing tools that will get you started and support you throughout this journey!

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Disclosure: I am recieving free Nutrisystem products and services (yay!!) in exchange for my participation and honest review of the program!

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