Thursday, January 24, 2013

And Sometimes..,

There are times in every ones life when it feels as if the sun has left you and that you fell into an endless pit of despair and sorrow.

And sometimes... there is a light at the end of the tunnel ( no its not hell fire ). Trust in it!! You need to keep running towards it.

And sometimes... You just haven't the strength any longer to even stand! Crawl, crawl towards the light. Just get there!

And sometimes... Along this path you will lose footing and friends and family. If they can't help you, crawl over them. You can make it.

And sometimes... It can take years to get there. Time is not important. Your well being is!

And sometimes... Out of the blue comes someone. Someone very special, who is kind and gentle and understanding.

And sometimes... They become friends and confidantes. You start to feel safe and happy.

And sometimes... You can barely wait to see them. To feel their arms around you. To see the warmth of their smile.

And sometimes... It can happen to you when you least expect it.

And sometimes... Is happening to me!!!

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