Tuesday, November 13, 2012

So Many Different Faces

Not a day goes by that we all don't face some type of choice.
What to wear, what kind of mood to express, highway, back roads, give the homeless person some money or some food, pay for some one else's toll, pay for a strangers lunch?
Is there something that you can do today to brighten up someone's life a little bit? A smile? A simple touch? A really tight hug?
So many choices. So many different faces to wear for others to see. What face are you showing?
I made a choice to be happy today. No matter the heartache that rips my soul apart; I will put on my happy face.
Today is the fifth anniversary of my husband becoming an angel. Like today, it was raining, which didn't surprise me because it rained when we met, our first date, and our wedding.
Taking the dogs outside today, I let the rain fall over me. I stood looking up into the sky and let my tears be mixed in the the raindrops from Heaven.
When someone you love so deeply is called Home, the grief never fades. It doesn't get better with time! Why do people say that? It just gets different. So very different. You lose friends and sometimes family that just can't seem to understand how you can still ache or they just don't know how to talk to you any more. Sometimes seeing you reminds them too much about their own pain.
Some things people say to try and "help" you through the grief are not helpful at all. For those of you who say "God won't give you anything you can't handle" Please for the love of God, STOP IT!!! It is NOT helpful.
How can you say that to a parent that has lost a child, to rape victims, or when someone's home burns down or gets foreclosed on. The last thing we want to hear is that.
For me, it made me question my faith! I am happy to say that I have regained or renewed my faith but its been a very hard road.
Today I want to focus on the good. I have gained hope again and new friendships. I have forgiven those that walked away from us. I have forgiven those that stole from us (at least I'm trying to😕).
Good things are starting to happen in our lives. My daughter's friend is getting married and wants my daughter to be with her do badly, she paid for my daughters cruise!!
Even though I am out of work, I have not had to worry about food, thanks to Meredith Bandy at Nutrisystem!
I have been given free products in order to write about my journey to becoming healthy!
So. Instead of eating foods that fill you but are so very unhealthy, Nutrisystem provides me with not only healthy and nutritious foods but it is extremely delushious! Yes, De-Lush-ious!! That's even yummier than delicious!
Am I hungry, ehhh sometimes, but, I make such better choices for a snack!
I am learning to stop eating when emotions take over. I let my emotions out for a little bit. I now exercise and have a goal again in my life!
My goal? Oh, I am going to be a success story for Nutrisystem and I want to work for them! I also want to be able to get my daughter on this wonderful program so that she too will become healthy and self confident. I want to be one of the girls in the commercials, I want to be an inspiration to someone. Someone who thinks there is no hope left!
Good things DO happen to good people!
So today, the choice I make is to be happy! Happy that I had such a wonderful husband and that he was such a great dad and friend to all those who knew him!
Happy that I am on the road to being heathy and happy that my faith has been renewed.
Will you also choose to be happy today? Please join me in becoming a better YOU!
Since I am posting from my phone it won't let me set you up with a link to Nutrisystem. Be good to yourself and go to www.nutrisystem.com and join! You will begin to feel hopeful again! There is no stress, everything is right there to help you! Counselors and new friends to help you through rough spots and celebrate your successes!
Trust me! It really works!! I am down 18 pounds!! Waaaahooooo!!
*discloser: I was given free product in exchange for my honest opinion. In no way am I told what to say. Your opinion may be different than mine, but, that is okay! That is what makes us unique and special. Today, remember YOU ARE SPECIAL and deserve to feel that way!! So, won't you please join me on the road to a healthier lifestyle?

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