Saturday, July 7, 2012

Weed Whacking isn't feminine!

For anyone that knows me, I am all girl, yup, an honest to goodness girly girl. I love make-up and old fashioned dresses that were popular in the 50's. I love aprons and bows. I want to open an old fashioned tea room, where you dress up and wear soft feminine clothes and hats!! I love hats!
SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECHHHH! Whoa, hang on there, Bets! Today and the upcoming week is all about trying not to be all girly girly and do actual labor. Ewwww, I know, right? Yuck... I am going to have to weed whack my side and back yard.  I had never whacked weeds before and, I know this is not going to be pretty. Some of the plants are taller than me! No lie, I am 5'2 and these suckers are maybe 5'10 and up!
Okay, I see you, my fellow girlygirls! I see the sheer horror in your eyes! I know you feel my pain sistah friends! Oh, I also see you tom boy girls. I see you rolling your eyes and shaking your heads. But, when my husband was alive, he did all the "outside" jobs, and the taking out of the trash. I did all the inside jobs.
I was one of those really lucky girls while he was here. He spoiled me. I never had to rake or shovel or mow the lawn. So, after he became an angel, I became snow bound. I didn't know how to shovel! My girlfriend Jenifer came to my rescue and we went outside and she really helped me shovel. She has the patience of a saint!! I now know how to shovel. I don't like it. Same thing with raking! I always get blisters and that surely is not feminine!
I am okay with mowing the lawn, because of the Amish mower, I am not trying to pull on a cord to try and start it up. Push and go. Sometimes, it's even nice and cool outside in early morning, so, I don't even break out into a glow.

My daughter bought me a weed whacker. It says it is light and shows a smiling woman on the box. Wow, she is holding it and smiling big Well, surely that is the whacker for me!
After a day of  whacking the weeds, my arms are very sore! I have little cuts on my legs. I know, I should have been wearing pants, but, it was 92 degrees.
Yes 92 degrees, with a humidity level of  umpteen million! So, I went beyond glowing, to down right sweating!! Ewwww, I know, right? disgusting! There most definitely is nothing feminine about sweating!
I have along way to go, but, I did make some progress.
 And who decides what are weeds anyway? If they have pretty flowers,to me that is a flower not a weed! I love dandelions with their bright yellow beauty popping up all over the green grass!  SO pretty and then, they close up and when they open again they have transformed into a big puff of wishes!
 I am not able to name a lot of the plants that we have growing, but as I was starting the whacking of the spot that I want the garden, I came across a really strange plant. Again, taller than me and the leaves on the bottom are all brown and alien~ish. I swear this plant can walk!

  I have the veggies growing in pots right now, but, we have pumpkins and watermelons  that really need to have a spot in the ground and also our corn.
So, I must continue whacking away.
I will leave the alien plant alone. It'll probably walk away anyway!

I just love living out here in the woods of Maine though! We have so many strange and beautiful things that my daughter and I come up on.
Every day, I go outside and thank God for letting me live here. We are in the home that would have been my husbands ideal home. So I can feel him all around me and I continue to talk to him.  I know he is happy that this is my new home. And I think he would be proud of me for learning how to do things for myself.
I know that he is in Heaven looking down on us and when I look around me, I know I have a piece of his Heaven right here with me.

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  1. I totally know what you mean about having some weeds that are bigger than you are!! Heck, I'm 5'7" and some of our fields are bigger than me!! BUT - on a plus note, YOU GOT SOME GREAT PICTUREs!!!!!