Monday, July 16, 2012

Take a Walk With Me

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I love all the seasons in new england. I thank God every day for this little house in the woods. Sure, there are annoying things like mosquitoes that suck blood instead of fat, and also big and little spiders, which I quickly walk away from. I am not a spider killer! I have always felt that they scream to their friends as you kill them and, then what?? Nope, best to just let them be.
The beauty outshines any of the annoyances. There are so many different shades of greens, yellows and purples!
I have deer and wild turkey mamas and their little turklets walking around freaking my dogs out. Beautiful huge moths and fireflys! Tons of fireflys!! I swear I have a "Hobbit" and "Fairies" living in the woods.
I am always coming across new plants and things that I have never seen before!

I keep watching this pod thingy growing of the tree in the upper pictures and then there are also these balls of something connected to leaves, right to the leaves, waiting to see what they turn into.

 The serenity and beauty are sometimes overwhelming! I love this place that God has provided for me to heal.
I have forgiven God here...I was very angry with Him for my husband's death. I guess it's part of grieving, the anger. But, no matter how much I tried to ignore God, He kept showing me that He still loved me.

Some people have different beliefs and some don't believe. As for me, I HAVE to believe! I have to believe I will be with the ones I love again. Hopefully, none too quickly. For many years I wanted to join my husband right away.
Now, there is still so much I want to do.
I want to fill my life with happiness and new adventures, to live my dreams and go back to school. I want to see my daughter published and be on the best sellers list! 
I want to write a children's book that teaches them being different is okay!
I want to be able to touch people that feel lost, and let them know that they really aren't!
 I want to be held tightly in a man's arms and breathe in his strength and feel his love. I want to dance with him in the summer rain and hold hands and laugh like children.

I want to always be thankful and never bitter.
I don't want to ever be angry at God again. I thank Him for the life I have,and for the people He gave me!

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