Monday, May 21, 2012

Bright Sunshine ~ Great Breezes ~ Hopeful Wishes

I love dandelions. When the fields are full of the beautiful yellow blossoms, it just looks so pretty against the green grass, then they transform into beautiful white balls of fluff. Each of the little seeds with their own little tuft of white represent a wish. A field full of wishes! How wonderful is that? Because of all the rain we've had and the lack of owning a lawn mower, my grass has grown. Grown, is an understatement, most of the grass is up past my hips and the milkweeds are breast high. I am almost 5'3 so, that is still very tall for grass and weeds! Being unemployed, my daughter and I are living paycheck to paycheck, so, it is very difficult sometimes to decide what to spend the money on. We try to save a tiny bit in case of really needing something, like a lawn mower, but other things happen and we seem to just always be struggling. That alone can get depressing, never mind adding that to my PTSD. I went to to see if perhaps anyone had a reel mower they were giving away, no luck. I also asked my sister if I could borrow their lawn mower, but, it is not running. So, Leah and I sucked it up and went shopping. We found a reel mower at home depot, they had some really nice ones but, we had to go for the least expensive, so that we also had enough money for the groceries and gas that we need for the week. Leah used her skills and assembled it, and was the first to try it out. She really liked it. I was hopeful. I watched her for a little bit, getting anxious to try it. Oh my, I LOVE it! It reminds me of the one my dad used when I was a really little girl. His was red. Or, maybe it was my Grammy's because, it was her yard that I remember him mowing. We have now been mowing for a few hours every day and almost have the front yard done. By the time I make it to the back yard, I will have to make sure to do the front again. It really is great exercise. I love the sound the mower makes and the smell of the freshly cut grass. There isn't the scent of gasoline in the air, just the fresh scent of the grass. I put on my music, mostly listening to the Foo Fighters for music to mow to. Leah and I have such great plans for the yard once it is all finished and I finally get a job! We want to build a patio so that we can sit outside and have some gatherings. We want to have an old fashioned tea party. A fun dress the part party. With little finger sandwiches, like cucumber and tomato. Petite little treats that I can bake up and little breads. Big floppy hats and soft pastel clothes that flow when the breeze comes up. Oh and of course, all kinds of teas in different flavors, from southern sweet tea to hot teas. Yes, that is our wish... So, I am off to go pluck one of those big puffballs full of wishes and I'm going to close my eyes, make a wish, take a deep breath and blow...hopefully one of the wishes will grab a great breeze and make it to the spot where wishes and dreams go waiting to come true. And, if I am really lucky, maybe it will land somewhere for Dave Grohl to pick up and he and the boys will come and play for us! Have a wonderful day, and one of my wishes today is for one of yours to come true!

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